How We Grew Up

Janyoday Education is a non-profit voluntary organizationdedicated to support the basic education of children in India. The first chapter of Janyoday was started in the summer of 1996 at Manpur Gaya. In the years since its inception, the organisation has grown to having chapters all over the Bihar and across India as well.

Origin of the Organisation

JVP came into existence being after a few social activists realized that social change could only be piloted through social movement and basically development programmes. Any types of development can be carried out only by people’s serious participation irrespective of caste, creed, religion and any gender. After assessing and observing the organization, it was formed as “JVP” in the year 1994.


Empowerment of vulnerable families, especially women, through health, education, HIV and AIDS prevention and micro finance so that they are able to achieve higher level of self-reliance and match the mainstream of society.

Intervention Approach

The approach adopted by JVP is to promote participation directly and involve the community through better rapport building, awareness building, training and organizing the community. JVP believes that the rural poor are capable of determining and building their future, provided that they are supported and facilitated properly.